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 The Flood of Bodies

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The Flood of Bodies Empty
PostSubject: The Flood of Bodies   The Flood of Bodies Icon_minitimeSat Oct 09, 2010 8:31 pm

Well, I have decided to start a Guardians of Ga'Hoole Fanfiction. Hope you guys liek it~

Chapter One

Smoke swirled around a large black barn owl as a faint outline of something immense, bigger than anything he had ever seen, slowly etched into view. Eyes widening, the owl tried to keep from going yeep. He lowered his gaze, looking down at the murky waters where small flickering lights were reflecting from the brightly lit Ga'Hoole Tree. Little did the one called Guardians know that their peace was about to be disturbed.
Letting out a startled screech, the barn owl felt a large branch come in contact with the tip of his headfeathers, making him spiral forward.
Unlike his peers, this barn owl did not have the new light weight and cleanly cutting battle claws. His were pure metal, very heavy and clumsy. It was at least half his weight. This caused small bumps to be big accidents of spinning and falling.
This owl must have crashed into 8-10 other birds, ranging from elf owls to great grays. There goes our element of surprise, he thought, slowly regaining his balance, The Most Pure will have my gizzard for this, if I do get out of here alive. He heard cries from his fellow Pure Ones, zooming through the leaves and tackling unarmed Ga'Hoolians to their demise.
Snickering, the black bird pumped his wings higher and higher, knowing that there would be multiple Guardians hard on his tailfeathers any moment. He tried to ignore the sting of the leaves as he soared up the tree.
Finally, the barn owl had freed himself from the clutches of the Ga'Hoole Tree and almost crashed into a Guardian. Once again thrown off balance, the black feathered owl was consumed by those on the opposing side, They were holding flaming branches, casting a eerie glow around the battling birds.

In the flurry of talons and flames, someone had shoved a extremely hot flaming branch into the barn owls' face. Letting out a blood curdling cry, the owl backed away, cringing in pain. One eye was gone, and most of his feathers were still brightly lit.
Pain surged through his body and everything was covered by an orange glow. Owls shot past him and as far as he could see, (which wasn't very far) the Guardian that had done this to him disappeared.

His head was spinning, and he had lost all of his senses. His wings buckled under him. Memories flashed across his mind as he felt the sensation of falling straight down for the first time. The screeches of his parents, crys for help, the sight of his mother and father being clawed apart, blood everywhere, tears streaming down his face as they took him away……..and then only blue. He opened his eyes and let out a startled gasp. Water filled his beak, and only the sound of sizzling could be heard around him. He closed his eyes once more, and with his last dying though he screeched,

"Long live the Guardians!"

Comments and help are welcome!
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The Flood of Bodies
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