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 Unforgetable moment (Lion king RP that I refuse to let die...) NO POSTING WIP

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PostSubject: Unforgetable moment (Lion king RP that I refuse to let die...) NO POSTING WIP   Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:40 pm

Shira's shriek, the last sound she made, echoed in everyone's ears. Daharo's roar seemed to still ring in the air. They had been invaded by a bloodthirsty group of wild dogs, and they didn't want anything except death. the unmoving figure of the dead princess and her father lay in the middle of the grassy field, along with some dog tracks. Ua sighed. we are left with nothing but a group without a leader, and an unforgettable moment.

the pride of crashing thunder has been invaded by wild dogs over and over, and they have been reduced to a minimum. What side are you on?


1. Goldies rules are very important...!
2. no force breeding.
3. wild dogs can't just jump on a lion and kill it. it will take lots of time to weaken it, bring it down, then hit it's weak spots as the final blow. Plus, a large group of wild dogs.
4. Use mai forms
5. try to use a translation site and get a Swahili name.
6. have FUN!
female male

the pride of crashing thunder

The royal family....
King [mate of queen, leader, male]:
Queen [mate of king, leader, female]:
Princess/prince [oldest of the king and queens cubs. chooses mate when parent(s) die and becomes king/queen]:
2nd princesses and princes [other cubs of the king and queen. backup]:

Other males [may step up and drive king off. will then become king unless the pride drive him off as team]:
Hunting lioness [lionesses without cubs]:
Mothers [lioness with cubs or expecting cubs

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Unforgetable moment (Lion king RP that I refuse to let die...) NO POSTING WIP
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