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 Group Art of SC

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The Otter
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Crazy Poster
The Otter

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PostSubject: Group Art of SC   Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:51 pm

Yeah, the title says it all. I'm not that big on introductions with this stuff, but I could try. But... Not right now. Yes, because I'm a lazy person who has no soul. XD

So... This is where all the art that we've made for the characters of the users on SC. It doesn't matter if your art "fails" or is excellent. This is just a place to put all the drawings that have been made for the characters of SC. And... Because I'm still being lazy, that is it for you for introductions.


(Yeah, I don't feel like using URLs right now.)

Drawn by The Otter.
From left to right:

Kelsay, Goldenstarfc - Gekido, Gekido (Jee-kai-do) - Terra No. 1, The Otter - Terra No. 2, The Otter - Hachi, Rocketai - Meadow, Goldenstarfc - Kaimana, The Otter - Razz, Hallows13

Drawn by Gekido (Jee-kai-do)
From top to bottom, starting on left (sideways):

Kaimana, The Otter - Hachi, Rocketai - Razz, Hallows13 - Solo, Hallows13 - Gekido, Gekido (Jee-kai-do) - Armagedon, Gekido (Jee-kai-do) - Meadow, Goldenstarfc - Kelsay, Goldenstarfc - random cat, NO ONE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA
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Group Art of SC
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