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 My adoptables

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PostSubject: My adoptables   My adoptables Icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 12:50 pm

Okay~ then! So this is a place for my dragons! It will be updated everytime I get a new dragon or/and when they change stages! If you have time, please click them!

Name: Drakentai
Gender: Female
Species: Eastern Dragon
Stage: Adult
Element: Water
My adoptables Dragonanimated_449912

Name: Maric
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Dragon
Stage: Adult
Element: Earth
My adoptables Dragonanimated_481215


Name: Mephisto
Gender: Male
Species: Wyvern
Stage: Teenager
Element: Air
My adoptables Dragonanimated_506115



My adoptables 4409751My adoptables 4409795My adoptables 4409799My adoptables 4409807
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My adoptables
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