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 Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join

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Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join Empty
PostSubject: Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join   Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 2:25 pm

Hello weary traveler, I am surprised that you have made it this far.
Climbing those mountains to get to me, the Storyteller is a hard journey to make, and I congratulate you on your success. Now sit by the fire, and collect what you have walked all this way for. A story...

The battle between two races has always been imminent throughout history. White and black people, Native Americans and cowboys... There was a particular battle that has happened over all of history’s past. A battle that has lied underneath the skin of reality, hidden from the real world. The battle of werewolves against vampires. But you say that they are not real? You say they don’t exist. Well you’re wrong. There were four different groups of the mixture at first. Two Packs of werewolves, two groups of vampires. None of them favored each other. There was always squabbling. One day, a vampire went too far and killed a werewolf. The two werewolf Packs were outraged, and sent out their kind to kill vampires instead, to ‘get even.’ The death toll was more than the vampires had killed of the werewolves, or that was what they claimed, so they in turn, killed the werewolves even moreso. It went back and forth for many years, the deaths getting higher and higher, each group hating each other more and more. Soon the groups were diminished into smaller, more minute bands.

Eventually, they stopped the eternal battle by creating a peace treaty, vampires and werewolves alike. They tried to hold it to their word, but it was hard to do so. The treaty has been on a tedious position ever since, vampires and werewolves ferocious against each other. Strange things have been happening lately though. Dreams are circulating around of a mysterious voice, speaking strange rhymes that supposedly mean something. Will the pact hold? And now that they are to be needed to save themselves, will they put aside their past and differences to see their task through?

Season , spring
Quicksilver Territory Updates , light rains continue, flooding the already-swelling rivers and streams. snow continues to melt, but there are strange figures lurking in the territory... stealing game... frightening others... a ghost?
Sunrise Territory Updates , overcast, but little rain. the skies remain a gray-blue, strong winds blow through the camp
Night Hunter Updates , game is not so plentiful of late, perhaps the gang should move farther away from the current area, and find more populated places
Bloodrose Warrior Updates , rains mist the Bloodrose's current camp, game is moderately found, the skies are normally cloudy

~ Please keep all under or at PG 13 level.
~ Romance is encouraged, but, keep it PG 13 or under.
~ No god modding, or any of that narsty stuff.
~ You should check with the other person before you decide on any boyfriend/girlfriend stuff.
~ There are many CPUs because of how little people are online, and because some ranks cannot go on the journey. You could use a CPU that I have already made as a character, if you would like.
~ If you would like to use a CPU I made as a character, please ask me. Alphas and betas are off limits.
~ So far, the limit to how many characters you can have, is three. We don’t want too many people on their little “journey”
~ If you would like to be a beta male or female, ask me. I will happily take down the CPUs as beta male or female if you have a character with the right qualities for it. Only two people can role play a beta male or female though.
~ There will always be positions open in pups, warriors, and hunters. Just because there are other names there already, doesn't mean that it's full.

The Characters

Tempest / Female / 17 , 379 years old / Vampire / Leader of the Night Hunters / Page 1 / Rebound
Shikoba , Shikoba wolf / Female / 16 and a half / Werewolf / In line for Alpha of the Quicksilver Pack / Page 1 / Rebound
Gauss / Male / 20 , 300-400 / Vampire / Second in command of the Night Hunters / Page 1 / Rocketai
Maria , Maria wolf / Female / 17 / Werewolf / Warrior of the Quicksilver Pack / Page 1 / Rocketai

Ranks of the Pack

Alpha Male , The leader of the Pack. What he says, goes
Alpha Female , The leader’s mate. A little less power than the Alpha Male
Alphas’ Children , The children of the Alphas. One is selected to become the next leader
Beta Male , Less power than Alphas, in charge if the Alpha’s aren’t there
Beta Female , The Beta Female has as much power as the Beta Male
Head Hunter , Best hunter of the pack, leads hunting expeditions and helps training
Hunters , The hunters of the Pack, they feed the members of the pack
Head Warrior , The most elite warrior in the Pack, head of small attack parties and warfare
Warriors , They protect and fight for their Pack
Queens/Mothers , These wolfs are wolfs that attend to pups, as well as give birth
Pups , The small ones of the Pack, they are important as they are the next generation

Ranks of the Vampires

Leader , The main leader of the group, the controller, the idea-maker, the planner
Second in command , Advisory to the Leader, will take over if Leader is gone or somewhere else
Group members , The group members include fighters and hunters alike, along with some specialized assassins who love to kill

So, you wish to become part of this battle? Enter if you dare...

[b]Hello ,[/b]
[b]Gender ,[/b]
[b]Age ,[/b]
[b]Species ,[/b]
[b]Group ,[/b]
[b]Rank ,[/b]
[b]Appearance ,[/b] Human and wolf form for werewolf, please
[b]Personality ,[/b]
[b]Theme song ,[/b]
[b]History ,[/b]
[b]Family members ,[/b]
[b]Crush ,[/b]
[b]Mate ,[/b]
[b]Pups/Children ,[/b]
[b]Other ,[/b]

My puppets...

Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join 4h8lxx

Hello , Shikoba , Shiki
Gender , Female
Age , Sixteen and a half
Species , Werewolf
Group , QuickSilver
Rank , Alpha’s Child , next in line , training hunter and warrior
Appearance , Larger version , here
Personality , Shikoba is a caring person, and tries her best to contribute. She takes the fact that she will be Alpha with somewhat due respect, but part of her thinks that she isn’t right for the job, and that her brother should be the next Alpha instead. She often belittles herself, and thinks poorly of her self image and talents. She has a longing for adventure that is deep in her heart, and she wishes to full fill it before she becomes Alpha, which will make her soul duty to protect the Territory and lead. Sometimes she likes to go on quiet walks, to mull things over and think. Being the next in line, Shikoba has to learn both hunting and fighting, as do all Alpha children have to. Ryder teaches her a lot about the outdoors and what she has to learn, but she enjoys her training lessons, daydreaming sometimes about how she could use her new found moves in the wild, out of the Territory. She has never known anything otherwise than her home, and doesn’t plan to keep it that way. Shikoba can often hold a grudge against others, and when she finds someone that she doesn’t like, she will find it hard to break her anger against others. A lot of people don’t understand her, but she is generally loved.
Theme song , Complicated by Avril Lavigne
or Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi
History , Shikoba was born into the Quicksilver Pack as daughter of the Alphas, Kalliope and Astor. She was the second child of the leaders, and was decided at birth that she would be the next Alphess. Her brother, Ryder, as much as he qualified as the next Alpha, was not disappointed at all. He didn’t treat Shiki particularly specially though, and treated her like a normal little sister, teaching her about the territory, and how to become a good leader. He also liked to tease her in a loving way. Shikoba has remained in the Territory for all of her life, but adventure tugs at her heart, for she would love to leave the Territory at least once before becoming Alpha grounds her permanently in the Territory.
Family members , Astor , father / Kalliope , mother / Ryder , brother
Crush , None, searching
Mate , None, open
Pups , None
Other , None

Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join 2me73wz

Hello , Tempest
Gender , Female
Age , 17 , 379 years old
Group , The Night Hunters
Species , Vampire
Rank , Leader
Appearance , Larger version here
Personality , Tempest doesn’t take any sh*t from anyone. Her looks might be deceiving, but no one is to think of her as weak from her looks, or they might end up dead. Tempest is a headstrong but calculating and smart vampire. She makes brilliant schemes and plans, and is always planning the next thing. She needs time alone though, and sometimes this is because she feels like she’s the only smart one there. She doesn’t necessarily love her group’s members, (she doesn’t hate them either) but she appreciates them and whenever she makes sarcastic remarks about them, it is usually in good fun. She knows that she depends on her group as much as they depend on her, and she tries to make the best decisions for everyone.
Theme song , Not Afraid by Eminem
History , Tempest doesn’t necessarily like talking about her past. Anyone who asks will get a cold glare from her, possibly along with a scathing comment. No one has ever heard what has happened in her past, and probably never will.
Family members , None, deceased
Crush , None, open
Mate , None
Children , None
Other , None

The Members
Red is a male
Blue is a female
~ Is a real character/a character played by a user or member on SC
Nothing in front of the name is a CPU (no one’s character in particular , see rules)

The Quicksilver Pack

Alpha Male , Astor , Astor wolf
Alpha Female , Kalliope , Kalliope wolf
Alphas’ Children , Ryder , Ryder wolf / ~Shikoba , ~Shikoba wolf
Beta Male , Forrest , Forrest wolf
Beta Female , Vera , Vera wolf
Head Hunter , Open
Hunters , Shay , Shay wolf / Corbin , Corbin wolf / AramAram wolf
Head Warrior , Open
Warriors , Dustin , Dustin wolf /
Falk ,Falk wolf / Scarlett , Scarlett wolf / Maria , Maria wolf
Queens/Mothers , Chloe , Chloe wolf / Reece , Reece wolf
Pups , Logan , Logan wolf / Jayson , Jayson wolf

The Sunrise Pack

Alpha Male , Duke , Duke wolf
Alpha Female , Freya , Freya wolf
Alphas’ Children , Rachel , Rachel wolf / Open
Beta Male , Chase , Chase wolf
Beta Female , Rose , Rose wolf
Head Hunter , Open
Hunters , Sasha , Sasha wolf / Dan , Dan wolf / Rain , Rain wolf / Alec , Alec wolf
Head Warrior , Open
Warriors , Jonathan , Jonathan wolf / Aidan , Aidan wolf / Kira , Kira wolf
Queens/Mothers , Kate , Kate wolf
Pups , Justin , Justin wolf / Sara , Sarah wolf

The Night Hunters

Leader , ~Tempest
Second in command , ~Gauss
Group members , Victoria / Ryou / Amelia / Need more members

The Bloodrose Warriors

Leader , Open
Second in command , Open
Group members , Ratchet / Winter / Need more members

The Prophecy must be delivered...
It will find it's marks...
Let us hope that it is merciful...

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Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join Empty
PostSubject: Re: Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join   Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 4:59 pm

Hello , Gauss
Gender , Male
Age , Fisically 20. Biologicaly unknown. Rumors say that he has 300~400 years considering his past.
Species , Vampire
Rank , Second in command
Appearance , Gauss is a tall and slender man, pale as a sheet with a short black hair. He has piercing blue eyes with black circles around them.
Personality , The silent second in command. Gauss is a very curious member of The Night Hunters, often with a blank expression whenever he is around other vampires. He is not much of a fighter and doesn't like to get his hands dirty. He often fights with a thin sword, making small, but deep wounds on his enemies and simply watch as they grow weaker and die slowly. But whenever it's needed, Gauss will use his own claws and strenght to take his opponent down. When he's alone, he is less "cold" and likes to read a good comedy. Depending on the day, he may or may not take his job seriously, but he still follow orders without questioning and use his cold looks to intimidate those who desobey him.
Theme song , N/A
History , It is said that Gauss was the general of the emperor's army hundreds of years ago, as he was very well known for being the one who made the tortures and killed the enemies of the emperor a slow and painful death. Other then that, like how he became a vampire is unknown.
Family members , None
Crush , None/Open
Mate , None
Pups/Children , None
Other , None

Hello , Maria
Gender , female
Age , 17 years
Species , Werewolf
Rank , Warrior
Appearance , Human
Personality , The "cheer leader" of the Quicksilver Pack, Maria is always the one to lighten up the mood with a big and happy smile, but people should not underestimate her looks and cute personality, she's a very fierce warrior, often being offered the head warrior position, but she always refuse, saying that people will start to look at her differently, and she prefers to be with the common folk. She actually wouldn't be warrior if it wasn't for her father's request before he died.
Theme song , N/A
History , Maria was actually born outside the pack. Her parents were considered traitors of the Sunrise Pack, but there was never solid proof that they betrayed their own pack. Either way, they often travelled from place to place until Maria was born. Her mother died at birth and her father was found by the Sunrise Warriors and hunted down when Maria was seven years. With the little life he had after being mortally wounded by his past comrades, he held onto Maria and told her to become the warrior of the Quicksilver Pack, so that she wouldn't be weak like her father that did not have enough strenght to protect her.
Family members , Deceased
Crush , None
Mate , None
Pups/Children , None
Other , None
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The Otter
Crazy Poster
Crazy Poster
The Otter

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Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join Empty
PostSubject: Re: Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join   Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 5:07 pm

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Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join Empty
PostSubject: Re: Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join   Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join Icon_minitime

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Never-ending Battle - Open/Please join
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